Glen Ridge

In mid-January 2013, the developer of the Glen Ridge development located on Glen Road in London Britain Township completed all construction.  At that time, the London Britain Land Trust acquired three distinct parcels of land dedicated to open space and totaling some 17 acres.

The Land Trust sent out a "Welcome Letter" to all of our neighbors both within the Glen Ridge development as well as to those property owners that border what is now Land Trust land.  The letter tells the neighbors who and what the Land Trust is and what kind of responsibilities it has for providing stewardship for the open space.  Along with the letter was a map of the area showing the size and locations of the Land Trust's parcels.

Copies of both the Welcome Letter and the Map can be viewed or downloaded here:

Welcome Letter


The link below will let you view/download the easement on the 3 LBT Land Trust parcels:

London Britain Township Land Trust Easement

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