Mason Dixon Greenway
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2006 Mason Dixon Greenway South - Master Plan Document

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The Mason Dixon Greenway South

The Mason Dixon Greenway South is the first step toward the actualization of the Mason Dixon Greenway, an open space area within London Britain Township that is the outgrowth of various regional and local open space planning initiatives and ordinances developed over the past two decades.

The principle function of the entire Greenway is to serve as an ecological diversity corridor connecting the White Clay Creek Preserve of Pennsylvania and Delaware with the Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area in Maryland. This corridor if actualized will allow for the connection of close to 10,000 continuous acres of open space within the Delaware River and Chesapeake Bay watersheds.

A naturalization strategy towards the establishment of this ecological diversity corridor will be implemented in stages to ultimately produce a primarily forested condition. The strategy aims to accomplish this objective over the next few decades through several successions of plant communities that will lead eventually to a mature hardwood forest.

The initial phase in this process will be the establishment of an eastern grassland meadow to provide a suitable medium for the growth and development of young trees. It is also intended to compliment the rural landscape and provide immediate habitat and food sources for local wildlife.

The installation of native trees and shrubs will follow within a few years. Planted in small groves, the trees should eventually spread naturally to begin to cover the entire area.

Through natural succession the meadow areas will eventually transform into forested areas and should begin to reach a mature state in approximately 30 years.

A secondary purpose of the Greenway is to provide a network of recreational trails for all township residents. These trails will also provide a connection to existing equestrian, hiking and mountain biking trails in the Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area and other parts of the township.

Realizing that the natural treasures found along this greenway should be shared by all, a handicapped accessible trail and observation area connect visitors from the parking area and demonstration gardens on Flint Hill Road to the forested wetlands and the headwaters of the Christina River.

The Master Site Plan for this greenway was published for the London Britain Township and the London Britain Township Land Trust in August 2006 to serve as a guide toward the planning and establishment of this open space. This plan and the accompanying materials are available for viewing at the township offices during regular business hours.

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 LBTLT Mason Dixon Greenway Land

  Do's and Don'ts 

Do take advantage of the recreational activities, including hiking, mountain bike riding, and horseback riding, that are currently permitted in the Mason Dixon greenway on designated trails.

Don't alter Land Trust lands in any way.  The mowing of meadows, the application of fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, the pruning or trimming of trees, the dumping of refuse, or the building of structures on these open space areas is strictly prohibited.

Don't drive dirt bikes, motorcycles, 4-wheelers, or any other motorized vehicles on Land Trust lands.

Do report any activities taking place on London Britain Township Land Trust property that may be illegal or unauthorized. Contact Carolyn Matalon at the London Britain Township office during regular business hours at 610-255-0388 or leave a message at extension #5 during evenings or weekends.

Do contact the London Britain Township Land Trust with comments or concerns by calling 610-255-0388, ext. # 5, or by writing to:


London Britain Township Land Trust

P.O. Box 215

Kemblesville, Pennsylvania 19347

2018-04-10:  A list of the 91 species of birds that have been observed on the property to date.

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