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About 15 Years of Open Space in London Britain Township

The London Britain Land Trust was originally formed by a resolution of the LBT Board of Supervisors in 1999.  Since its creation the group has been an all volunteer effort. One member of the Land Trust is a London Britain Township Supervisor and another is a member of the township Planning Commission. They act as the Land Trust's liaisons back to the township. The Land Trust continues today as a volunteer group. A lot of work and a lot of projects have been happened over 15 years. Details on some of those can be found under the tabs on the main Land Trust web page but they do not cover substantial parts of what the Land Trust does.

While part of our mission is to "preserve land", we do not always have to be the owner of that land and in many cases, it makes sense for us not to be. We are a small group with limited members and funds but live and manage an area of great natural beauty with many natural areas that benefit from preservation. So, we work with London Britain Township, the Natural Lands Trust (NLT), the Pennsylvania Land Trust (PLT/PALTA), the Land Conservancy for Southern  Chester County, the Pennsylvania Parks System (Department of Conservation and Natural Resources - DCNR), local "friends groups", individual landowners, developers, and anyone else who can help us preserve the land.

Sometimes our role is purely advisory, sometimes we are able to contribute small amounts of monies to help with legal fees, or obtaining grants. Sometimes it is working with local townships (including our own) to help them with any and all parts of the preservation process.

Below are some articles that were written up in the London Britain Township Newsletters over the last 10 years that detail events that did not necessary result in the London Britain Township Land Trust directly obtaining land but that we were involved in and are also informational about the process of obtaining and maintaining open space in a township...

2000 October
Page - 1
Township Adopts Growing Greener Ordinance

Page - 3
Q &A on the London Britain Land Trust

2001 May
Page - 1
Flint Hill Crossing Development - under Growing Greener

2002 July
Page - 1
Township gets grant towards Mason-Dixson Greenway

2005 August Page - 1 CREP Grant plants trees and "rents" the soil from the township

Page - 2 Cramer Property donated to Preserve

Page - 4 Mason Dixon Greenway Update

2006 February Page - 1 Township acquires more land for Nichol Park
2008 Spring Page - 1 The Mason Dixon Greenway: A progress report

Page - 5 The 140-acre Wilkins property conserved for posterity
2010 Spring Page - 1 Improvements Coming to Mason Dixon Greenway South for 2010

Page - 2 Restoring buffers, restoring water quality throught CREP
2010 Fall Page - 1 Mason Dixon Greenway Continues to Grow

Page - 3 The History of Nivindel Farm

2011 Fall Page - 5 Mason Dixon Greenway South improvements complete

Page - 6 Meadowset Farm Permanently Protected
2012 Summer Page - 1 Understanding Open Space in London Britain Township

Page - 2 LBT's Open Space Goals and Objectives

Page - 3 What is Open Space?

Page - 4 Inventory of London Britain Township Open Space

Page - 5 Mason-Dixson Greenway South Dedicated
2015 Winter Page - 1 London Britain Land Trust Celebrates 15 Years of Success


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