1. Serve the needs of London Britain Township (LBT) in the preservation, conservation, and stewardship of historic sites and open space, including important agriculturally productive lands and natural areas;
  2. Assist the LBT Board of Supervisors and the LBT Planning Commission in decisions regarding open space planning and land acquisition;
  3. Assist landowners in London Britain Township who wish to pursue conservation objectives in their plans for their properties;
  4. Establish an endowment fund to provide operating revenue for acquisition of land and interest in land, and for stewardship and planning activities;
  5. Provide liaison with environmental, agricultural, conservation and historic preservation organizations and promote the services each organization offers;
  6. Acquire land in fee, purchase development rights, and accept lands and conservation easements from donors, including developers, that are required to set aside lands by subdivision or land development regulations;
  7. Establish management procedures with homeowners associations;
  8. Work with LBT staff in efforts to better manage and improve existing open space areas and greenways.