The Township has determined that the planting, cultivating and growing of certain running noxious plants and grasses, particularly those plants and/or grasses commonly referred to as bamboo, within the Township of London Britain has a negative impact on the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Township and the public at large. The uncontrolled planting, cultivating and growth of bamboo plants and grasses, by its very existence, results in road safety hazards, with the potential of falling or leaning onto roads within the Township, and the destruction of private and public property, and constitutes a nuisance within the Township. The Township has therefore determined that it is in the best interest of the citizens of the Township and the public at large to control the planting, cultivating and/or growing of bamboo plants and grasses within the Township, primarily by prohibiting the future planting, cultivating and/or growing of bamboo plants and grasses and by requiring the use of barriers to prevent the invasive spread of existing bamboo plants and grasses within the Township.
A copy of Ordinance #19-2 is available by emailing the Township office


In Pennsylvania, there are 2 million acres of lawn.  Maintaining a lawn takes work. Grass needs to be treated with fertilizer because the soil is not right (not to mention how those fertilizers run off into streams when it rains).  Turf wants water when the weather doesn’t provide it. Mowing requires time and takes energy; and pollinators disappear because they no longer have food to eat. Read more.


Don’t ever pour or throw trash, liquids or any substance into a storm drain. These drains are directly connected to the local stream! And it’s against the law!! Some ways you can help:
  1. Fix car fluid leaks
  2. Participate in clean up events
  3. Report Illegal Dumping
  4. Pick up pet waste
  5. Do NOT burn toxic materials


As of 2020, the Township is made up of 1334 parcels within 6278 total acres. 97 parcels or 2299 acres of that total Township acreage are Protected Open Space parcels. White Clay Creek Preserve is 1345 acres of the 2299 protected open space acreage in the Township. All property owners have the right to place their parcel in a conservation/preservation program if they choose, using either the County and/or a Conservation/Preservation Organization.

Ordinance #2000-1 authorizing a referendum to be placed on the ballot in November 2000 was adopted and signed on 7/24/2000. The Open Space tax annual cost per household is $20 per every $100,000 of assessed valuation. The funds have historically been used to contribute towards the administrative costs for residents preserving their property.

During the 2020 Comprehensive Plan review process a survey was sent to residents which included asking if the residents remained in favor of Open Space. The response received showed that residents were overwhelmingly in favor of the Open Space Program.
Chester County has a 2018 report “Return on Environment” which highlights the economic value of protected open space. The site has a lot of information including property value impacts, environmental benefits, economic activity, community cost savings, case studies and more information. Open Space: Return on Environment (


The Township has successfully used Performance Zoning within the Zoned R/A and Commercial Areas for many years.  Performance zoning, also called impact zoning or flexible zoning, is an alternative technique to conventional zoning. Rather than establishing specific area and bulk standards within zoning districts to govern development, performance zoning regulates the design and location of a use based on the characteristics of a particular site to support development. Under performance zoning, municipalities replace conventional zoning districts with performance criteria to guide development. The result can be an increase in the range of uses that may be permitted and additional control over the effects of the land use. Landowners and developers are provided greater flexibility on how to meet performance zoning standards.