London Britain Township Land Trust Greening Grant


About the Land Trust: The London Britain Township Land Trust (LBTLT) is a nonprofit organization who seeks to serve the needs of the township in the preservation, conservation, and stewardship of historic sites and open space, including important agriculturally productive lands and natural areas. LBTLT created the Greening Grant to promote and support eligible applicants who are interested in installing native plants, pollinator gardens, riparian buffers, and/or reforestation efforts in the furtherance of environmental protection and preservation of London Britain Township. Funding for this grant program is provided by LBTLT, who’s funds are managed with the goal of supporting environmental protection and preservation within London Britain Township.

About Greening Grant: London Britain Township is fortunate to have many unique natural and cultural resources that contribute to the Townships’ rural, scenic, economic, and historical heritage. These unique resources are important factors to the quality of life that makes London Britain Township a great place to live, work, and play.

To enhance these special features for current and future generations the London Britain Township Land Trust provides an annual greening mini-grant program open to eligible applicants. The program seeks to provide seed funding for projects that preserve and restores habitat, saves water and/or energy and/or creates a healthier living environment. Such initiatives could include pollinator gardens, native plant gardens, rain gardens, or riparian buffers.

Deadline: Applications can be submitted year-round. LBTLT will review proposals quarterly at their March, June, September, and December board meetings. Successful applicants will be announced in the quarter their application is reviewed and approved.

Maximum grant: A maximum cost reimbursable grant of $500 will be provided to successful applicants. A maximum of $2,000 will be granted per year (four grants per year), although LBTLT is not required to award grants on a yearly basis.

Eligibility: To be eligible to apply for a greening grant an applicant must be a neighborhood or homeowner’s association (HOA) located within London Britain Township, or a nonprofit organization working within London Britain Township. Additionally, the project must occur within the boundaries of London Britain Township and on public land and/or on shared/common open space. Individuals are not permitted to apply.

Application Steps:

  1. Contact LBTLT via email to declare your intent to apply LBTLT will assign each applicant a liaison who will discuss the proposed project, determine if the project is eligible, and will help the applicant through the grant proposal process. This ensures that all parties are fully aware of the project requirements and administrative procedures before any work begins, or expenses are incurred.
  2. Complete the application cover sheet (see last page of these instructions).
  3. Develop a written narrative proposal. This narrative should not exceed three typed pages in length. Please include:
    1. Project description/goals
    2. Location
    3. Time frames
    4. Responsible individual(s)
    5. How success will be measured
    6. How site will be maintained
  4. Develop a budget for the project. Allowable costs include non-labor categories such as:
    1. Material/supplies
    2. Soil/mulch
    3. Native plants
    4. Trees
  5. Attach proof of applicant eligibility.
  6. Email all application materials to All proposals should be submitted digitally – no paper based proposals will be accepted.

Ineligible costs: The following costs are not eligible for under this program:

  • Grant preparation costs
  • Project administration, overhead and staff costs of applicant
  • Rental or meeting facilities and costs
  • Facility general maintenance costs and costs of equipment such as tractor, mowers, ect.
  • Advertising costs


Greening Grant Application